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Children with a present and a future



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Amantaní is an association working in Cuzco, Peru, since 1997 in defence of the interests and rights of the children in the belief that working to find all the children the place they deserve is a task for us all.


20 .A N N I V E R S A R Y
June 2017


We are going through the annual winter frost season and cold fronts at Cusco.

Three boys are admitted in hospital, three different diagnosis. A Million thanks to migranodearena.org  for all your support given for the permanent accompanying service and the tests which are not covered by SIS (Peru’s  Comprehensive health System).


Eventually an Italian family is arriving for Alex. We are so happy!


Mayo 2017

We want to thank the organizers- Esther, Nuria, Eli, Elena, Fernanda y Cuca- and also a the participants in the Barcelona pro- Amantani Paddle Tennis II Tournament.




Mother’s Day in Peru so much celebrated and so hard for many girls and boys.




A beautiful year and a half old girl is admitted to hospital and she is operated on. She is already back at the Home for Children.


Two babies.




Luz Marina has already got a family. What a relief that her dream has come true !!


April 2017

Six year old Estella and 10 year old Carla can go back with their families after living at Amantani for a year and a half.

Second girl from Amantani begins to live independently as she is coming of age- she is turning 18.


Margot returns to take care of the babies.

We celebrate Holy Week together. Angel draws an angel.


March 2017

Beginnig of school year. Thanks to the support given by the Rinconada de Sevilla Council through Ananaw Wasi, we can access to better educatio-nal centres for the children who need them and to support teachers. THANKS SO MUCH.


Sebastian Jeronimo, so lovely, has already got a family.


February 2017

Javier Echevarria comes back  and as usual he organizes activities for everyone at Amantaní.


January 2016

Amantani’ s children are going to  Corca for a ten day summer holiday. Amantani –Corca 
are making  their facilities available to us. Thank you.


Three sisters are taken in at Amantani.


December 2016

Carlos Pérez- Albert and his family visit us and give Amantani support.


75 children entered and re-entered at Amantani during 2016.  Since 2008 we had not had so many children entering at Amantani.  In addition, sometimes we have to take in children or adolescents for one or two days until a place for them is found.

With the arrival of  two sisters a 12 year old and a 5 year old ,whose parents are inebriated, it is 1, 300 children that have been sheltered at Amantani

Once again  Aurora Echevarría comes over to help out in whatever is needed at Amantani. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


November 2016

Daddy Mike carrying on is so important for both the path that Amantani followed and it is still following now- contributing in its shaping- and also for all those who have had the chance to meet him. Thank you Mike Partridge and DLS Plasticsfor all the support and affection you have given to Amantani’s children and for continuing helping them.

And his son Duncan Brown organizes some fundraising in which an important amount is collected for Amantani. THANK YOU.



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