May 2017

We want to thank the organizers- Esther, Nuria, Eli, Elena, Fernanda y Cuca- and also a the participants in the Barcelona pro- Amantani Paddle Tennis II Tournament.



Mother’s Day in Peru so much celebrated and so hard for many girls and boys.




A beautiful year and a half old girl is admitted to hospital and she is operated on. She is already back at the Home for Children.


Ingresan dos bebés.

Luz Marina has already got a family. What a relief that her dream has come true !!!

Ivette turns 22 years old.

Despite not having the legal capacity to admit anymore children at Amantani, 19 boys and girls have been admitted since the beginning of the year, and 12 were admitted in emergency for a night. And readmission of a five year old girl whose mother managed to take her out without permission.


April 2017

Six year old Estella and 10 year old Carla can go back with their families after living at Amantani for a year and a half.

Second girl from Amantani begins to live independently as she is coming of age- she is turning 18.

Margot returns to take care of the babies.


We celebrate Holy Week together. Angel draws an angel.


March 2017

Beginnig of school year. Thanks to the support given by the Rinconada de Sevilla Council through Ananaw Wasi, we can access to better educational centres for the children who need them and to support teachers. THANKS SO MUCH.

Sebastian Jeronimo, so lovely, has already got a family.


February 2017

Javier Echevarria comes back  and as usual he organizes activities for everyone at Amantaní.


January 2017


Amantani’ s children are going to  Corca for a ten day summer holiday. Amantani –Corca 
are making  their facilities available to us. Thank you.





Three sisters are taken in at Amantani. And two brothers.


Various articles in the Children and Adolescence Code have  been modified by the 1297 Decree of Law and  many aspects of the intervention have been specified.


Happy New year 2017




We are all together in costumes to enter in the new year, 2017.


December 2016



A fifth calendar has been published by Bcn Amantaní to give  support to Amantani’ s children. Thank You.







Carlos Pérez- Albert and his family visit us and give Amantani support. Thank you Carlos,Titi and Camila.

It is very moving to receive messages from the children who lived at Amantani and left with their families.



Once again Luis Balius organizes a Christmas dinner party , we see his nativity  and money is collected for Amantani. Thank you.


In Peru : 180 in total, half of them are national adoptions and the rest are international. Only thirteen are from  Amantani, out of which 11 are priority adoptions ( 5 groups of siblings ).


Some of the children who are still waiting for a family spend their Christmas at Amantani , once again.

75 children entered and re-entered at Amantani during 2016.  Since 2008 we had not had so many children entering at Amantani. 

In addition, sometimes we have to take in children or adolescents for one or two days until a place for them is found.


Amantani permanent collaborator Isabel is releasing a new album ; this time is a bolero- jazz and eighty per cent of its benefits will be allocated to help Amantani. Thank you.

This  cd  is very special  for me, as it happens at a very important moment in my life, in fact the most important moment for me….. It is dedicated to my father who passed away last March. I believe this will be reflected in the album particularly in the main track, a poem transferred into music by the great Armando Manzanero “  This afternoon I have seen the rain falling  “ .  All the tracks are classic boleros except for Alberto Cortez’s “ In the corner of the soul “, which is a track that touches you deep inside…… The first person who listened to the album was my mother and she sang along as she listened to this traditional timeless music. Music arrangements have been done by all of us, my accompanying trio, Jaume Vilaseca piano player, double- bass player Curro Gálvez,  drummer and congas player Roberto Faenzzi ; musical director Ana Luna and myself.  This way Boleros have a jazz flavor making them very personal.
I know that my great friend since childhood María Echevarría who is one of Amantani’s co- founder will love this album as I know Maria really well.
Thank you very much to Bcn Amantani team for their work.
What else can I say ? Time for you to enjoy the music and to dream….

Isabel Reñaga


November 2016





For the fifth year running Amantani Bcn Association takes part in the Pedralbes Christmas  market, this time with one more stall. Thank you very much to the Director of the market Esther Musolas, to our friends from Teresianas and to everyone who have made it possible to continue organizing this market with such great enthusiasm and success.


With the arrival of  two sisters a 12 year old and a 5 year old ,whose parents are inebriated, it is 1, 300 children that have been sheltered at Amantani.







Daddy Mike carrying on is so important for both the path that Amantani followed and it is still following now- contributing in its shaping- and also for all those who have had the chance to meet him. Thank you Mike Partridge and DSL Plastics for all the support and affection you have given to Amantani’s children and for continuing helping them.

And his son Duncan Brown organizes some fundraising in which an important amount is collected for Amantani. THANK YOU.


Curro and Marina return with loaded suitcases, lot’s of plans to do with the children and adolescents and ready to help out with whatever they are needed for. THANK YOU. It is them who create Amantani’s facebook page.

Once again  Aurora Echevarría comes over to help out in whatever is needed at Amantani. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Rod & Company, a family company from Malaga which organizes special events has decided to help out Amantani by giving an annual contribution.

foodtruck #  Volkswagen # weeding events.
THANK YOU Betty and Hans for your support. /


Claudia from Barcelona and Helda from Alemania arrive at Amantani to work as volunteers on a long term basis. Thank you.

Lidia and Pilar arrive at Amantani  having just finished their master on Cooperation at Valencia University and they do more than just their practicum and help us out. Thank you.



Judith is thirteen years old and like all the other adolescents in the Family Houses at Amantani from this age onwards it is compulsory for them to do volunteer work one afternoon per week at Amantani Home for Children


The Certification of all the Houses at Amantani has been renovated by the Central Register of Institutions at Lima from MIMP.


October 2016


Our friend Mafer turns ten and she comes back to celebrate her birthday with the children at Amantani who are are very happy with the party. Thank you so much for such a beautiful surprise!!!





Once again  Mike Turner and his friend raise funds from  Colorado  for Amantani. Thank you.


DGA inform us that two siblings,  five and a three years of age respectively , have been allocated to an Italian couple who reside in Lima

Cusco Municipality accepts our application to be included in the Complementary Food Programme.  Mid October onwards.



September 2016

On September the 14th  international adoptions in  Peru  are paralyzed by the MIMP. On a temporary basis until they reorganize themselves. Meanwhile those who are amongst priority adoptions ( groups of siblings, over nine year olds ) will have to wait longer to have access to a family.



Cooking workshop for the little ones are organized by volunteers : Laura and Oriol.




Double birthday party with the cake baked in the cooking workshop.



July-August 2016

Por fin Adrián puede tener una familia, algo que tanto ha deseado.




Nuria y Alex, Elena y Chicho y Ana y José organizan en su casa Villa Emilia un concierto con Mel Semé & Julio Carbonell - Músicas del mundo, para sus amigos, que en agradecimiento colaboran con Amantaní. Gracias.



Se van a Italia, también con sus familias, dos hermanos y dos hermanas a los que deseamos toda la felicidad del mundo. Cuánto los vamos a extrañar.

Contamos con el apoyo de voluntarios.

Recibimos una donación del anterior alcalde de Cusco. Gracias.


June 2016



Ingresan 4 hermanos de Paruro con padres alcohólicos.



Gracias a Nereida Mercado (pedagoga voluntaria), Ana Sánchez (estudiante de Educación Social de la UCM) y Laia por hacerlo tan bien.


May 2016

Liseth y Karin nos dejan después de tantos años de dar AMOR y cuidados a los bebés y pequeños.



Rosa con ocho bebés y una bebita.

Se bautizan algunos niños y niñas.





April 2016


Recibimos la visita de Mari Carmen Peralta de la empresa Traycco, que viene a visitar a los niños que viven en la Casa del Río, a los que Traycco apoya y con los que se comunica en videoconferencia cada jueves.


Organizan en Barcelona el I Torneo de Padel benéfico a favor de Amantaní el próximo 9 de abril en el Padel Indoor



Iniciativa de Esther Musolas, presidenta de Amantaní-BCN, con Nuria Balius, Elisabeth Sero, Elena Romagosa, Fernanda Rocamora y Cuca. Gracias.


El M.J. Celtiberia sigue pensando y apoyando a los niños de Amantaní.


March 2016



Gracias a Fernanda R. y Elena R.por proponer y organizar con Agermanament Solidari de Esplugues la cena solidaria el Sopar de la Fam, donde los asistentes pagan como si fueran a una cena y les dan pan, aceite y sal, a favor de Amantaní.



Empieza el año escolar. Asisten todos a partir de los 3 años.




Ingresan dos mellizos que al final regresan con su madre y dos pares de hermanos.


Vemos con mucha emoción cómo nace la familia Delfin con unos padres italianos jóvenes y tres hermanitos maravillos, cumpliéndose muchos sueños.


February 2016

Ingresa bebé de dos días de la selva hijo de adolescente que lo entrega.




January 2016


Empezamos el año con cumpleaños.


Las niñas y niños pequeños y medianos van a pasar quince días de vacaciones a Ccorca en dos turnos. Hector y Andrea, que han venido de voluntarios por dos meses y medio, les organizan durante una semana talleres y juegos.




Dos bebés de un mes hospitalizados, uno con sepsis y otro con neumonía intrahospitalaria cogida en otro hospital donde lo dejaron. Los dos pasan por UCI.






La Asociación Amantaní-BCN edita por cuarto año un calendario.


Gracias a todas las personas y amigos de Nefertiti, Qori Chaska,... que han traído Navidad a los niños de Amantaní.

Celebramos de nuevo Fin de Año disfrazados.





December 2015




!Muchísimas gracias a cada uno de los niños que nos han enviado noticias!


El 24 de diciembre ingresa un bebé de 10 días con la Policía y regresa a petición de la DIT con el nombre de Jesús Enmanuel.






November 2015


Por cuarto año la Asociación Amantaní-BCN participa en el Mercat de Nadal de Pedralbes para recoger fondos para Amananí de Cuzco . Es el cuarto año consecutivo en que participan y cuentan con tres mesas. Gracias a nuestras amigas teresianas por seguir organizandolo con tanto entusiasmo.



El Ayuntamiento de la Rinconada de Sevilla, a través de la Asociación Ananaw Wasi, ha apoyado en 2015 por cuarto año consecutivo un proyecto educativo que cubre necesidades de los niños y niñas de Amantaní como algunos colegios particulares y profesores de refuerzo. GRACIAS.


Debido a las fuertes lluvias previstas para este año por el Fenómeno del Niño, la Dirección de Educación ha incluido la asistencia los sábados para adelantar el fin del año escolar a principios de diciembre.


Llegan por fin los papás de Juan desde Madrid que ya no se quita su sonrisa. Y están a punto de llegar las familias de Edwin, Dulce y Sebastián.





Vienen 4 voluntarias de Barcelona (Elena, Fernanda, Eli y Cuca) para lo que haga falta y dando mucho color.




De nuevo este año Michael Turner organiza en Denver un mercadillo para ayudar a los niños de Amantaní. MUCHAS GRACIAS.


Nueva pasa de varicela que pilla a casi todos.



October 2015



Participamos de nuevo en el Concurso de Danzas organizado por el Hogar del INABIF Jesús Mi Luz y logramos el Segundo Puesto.




Lorena Moreno organiza un evento para apoyar a Amantaní en el Centro Parroquial San Francisco de Asís en Barcelona con la colaboración del Magic Pablo y es un éxito. Gracias.



Nos visitan por sorpresa, después de dos años y medio, los hermanitos Jesús y Cristhian con sus papás llenos de regalos para Amantaní y celebran su cumpleaños con una gran fiesta para todos. Qué emoción. Gracias.


La DIT la localiza y llega de Quillabamba y se encuentra con su nieta, a la que no veía desde los dos meses. Qué alegría nos ha dado cuidarla durante diez meses, tan bonita.


Muchos niños que viven en Amantaní están listos para tener una familia dentro de adopciones prioritarias. El MIMP ha iniciado este año la campaña Espero por ti.

La Fundación Roviralta nos apoya con un proyecto de mantenimiento de las casas. Gracias.

Llegan por fin los padres de Kevin que tanto tiempo les ha esperado y estalla todo el amor acumulado. Organizan una fiesta de despedida en la Casa del Río.

El grupo Teatral Metatese sigue apoyando a los niños de Amantaní. Gracias. 

Son 68 los niños y niñas que han ingresado este año en Amantaní, más cuatro que han reingresado. La última una bebé de seis meses como medida de protección por estar su madre ebria, un motivo frecuente de ingreso.


Nefertiti, un centro de belleza de lujo de Cusco, se ofrece para cortar el pelo de los niños y niñas de Amantaní permanentemente. Y nos hace una donación de articulos de primera necesidad. Gracias.


July 2015



CAMP Peru paints a beautiful mural in the Casa Blanca and the children really enjoy it.

Eleven  priority adoption children living at Amantani, could obtain a family.  MIMP  has began  the “ Espero por ti” /” I wait for you” campaign .




Paola, Lorena and Elisenda have their  T-shirts painted with  Amantani children’s hands.  More volunteers arrive from Barcelona.

Rusbel can return with his family.



Sesión de música de Lupe.


June 2015




We are still waiting for Kevin’s family to come from USA.

Karen turns eighteen.  She obtained  a Grant 18.

Fifteen year old Juan Carlos can live with his twenty two year old brother.

Jhasmine’s  parents arrive at Amantani and she is terribly happy, we have a party.


Our children dance at school for Father’ s day and for Cusco’ s festivities.




May 2015


Thirty four boys and girls have entered at Amantaní since the beginning ocan return with their families. We had to say no to many admission requests.


The last four admissions, a four year old baby found in a cementery, a one year old girl given away to DIT by her adolescent mother, a one year old girl whose inabriated mother was taken away and an eleven days baby who was abandoned at hospital.



On Mother’s day, a very praised festivity in Peru, boys and girls at Amantani celebrate it by participating in different activities at schools which have mixed feelings.




Viene Lorena Moreno de voluntaria a tiempo completo. Gracias.


Isaías, whose mother died in childbirth, can go to live with his aunt after living at Amantaní for ten moths. También Marjori se va con su tía y Miguel .


El Grupo Solidaridad Tetra Pak de Italia nos apoya, a través del pequeño Lorenzo, en la reconstrucción del baño de la Casa Blanca. GRACIAS.


April 2015

Susana’s parents arrive at Amantani and they organize a beautiful farewell party for all their friends.

Lisi Schönhöfer, who always gives us support, is coming to Amantani to help us with whatever   she is needed for.  Thank you.




Holy Week. Children’s paintings.









Sometimes this is the way Amantani Children’ Home looks  from the outside when the neighbours leave their rubbish in front of the Home and it is not collected.



March 2015

Once again Javier Echevarria visits Amantani and he makes everyone happy with his presents and his outings.



Javier Morelli participates in the market organized  by his Primary School Fedrigoni de Riva del Garda in Italy and he encourages the school to allocate the benefits to the children at Amantaní by explaining his own experience when he lived at Amantaní. Thank you.





The Association YEC Barcelona gives James, who lived at Amantani, support to study engineering at UNSAC university.





CAMPS PERU Company (CAMPS INTERNATIONAL ) gives support to Amantani to rebuild the Wall of the White House. It collapsed due to heavy rain; by reconstructing the wall the two adjoining houses are also rebuilt. THANK YOU.

Sharmeli, John and Alexandra’s Italian parents arrive at Amantani and a new big family is born.

Fourteen year old Jack can return with his family. And fifteen year old Rocio can go back with his aunt and uncle.


Twenty girls and boys have entered at Amantani since the new year began and two more are readmitted. And we had to say no to many requests for admissions.



Febrero 2015

Since the beginning of the year fifteen children have entered at Amantani and two of them have been readmitted. Some of the children are able to return with their families.



On February the 10th two years ago Maria and David entered at Amantani. Two years later on the same date, their parents and their three brothers arrive at Amantani from USA. It is a  love display. There could be no better family for these two little brother and sister who we are going to miss so much.

Yeni and Elisabeth turn 18 and they become independent. They rent out a shared room.

Twenty one year old Alice takes her fifteen year old brother to live with her.

January 2015



We begin the New Year with the calendar made by Bcn- Association.
Thank you.

We disguise to see in the New Year.

Thank you to all the parents who send us photographs of their children. It allows us to see them growing up. 


December 2014

La empresa de diseño de moda +Studio decide destinar “sus cestas de Navidad" a favor de los niños y niñas de Amantaní, colaborando con la compra de útiles escolares, mochilas y uniformes para el próximo curso escolar, que empezará en marzo.

Queremos dar las gracias a Maneki por abrir un e-commerce solidario donde el 100% de los ingresos van destinados aAmantaní.

"Buscamos a gente mágica que se convierta por un momento en e-Rey Mago y nos ayude a reunir regalos para los niños más necesitados. Esta navidad, ¡repartamos felicidad!" ¡Gracias por vuestra colaboración!

La Asociación Amantaní-BCN participa por tercer año consecutivo en el Mercat de Nadal de Pedralbes para recoger fondos en beneficio de los hogares Amananí de Cuzco. Y este año cuentan con tres mesas. GRACIAS a todas nuestras amigas teresianas por organizarlo y por el éxito de este año.

Cada casa de Amantaní hace su nacimientos.




La Policía trae a una bebé de tres meses, a una bebé de un año por encontrarse la madre en estado de ebriedad, y a una niña de tres años que ingresa por tercera vez y que esta vez la Policía decide no entregarsela a su madre.

Reingresa bebé de ocho meses de padres con alteraciones mentales que se le entregó a la abuela.

Llegan los padres de la maravillosa Macarena desde Dinamarca y ella tan feliz.

Nos anuncian la llegada de unos padres solicitantes de David y María!

Termina el año escolar y los niños entran en vacaciones.


Noviembre 2014

Logramos que nos den la Acreditación de todas nuestras casas hogar en el Registro Central de Lima del MIMP.

Angeles Luciana y David bonito se van tan felices con familias noruegas.Y Macarena es asignada a una familia de Dinamarca.

Ingresa una niña de cuatro años que encuentran sola en la terminal terrestre.

Damos las gracias a los padres adoptivos que nos envían noticias de sus hijos y tanta alegría nos dan.


Octubre 2014

El destino lleva a Angela a Navarra, cerca de su amiga Marixa. Angela llegó a Amantani, al mismo tiempo que Marixa y se hicieron amigos muy cercanos.


Nadia es asignado a una familia de Cusco.

Javier puede regresar con su familia.

Un niño de un año de edad entra en Amantaní por segunda vez. Su hermano vivía en Amantaní y que se fue hace siete años con su familia adoptiva.

Casa Verde ha sido forzado.


September 2014

Curro and Sabrina return to Amantani to stay for a year and give us their support. Thank you.

Spanish volunteers arrive at Amantani.

Eventually it is Vanesa’s turn and she goes with a family from Lima after living at Amantani for three years.

Richard can return with his family.


August 2014

There are more Spanish volunteers arriving at Amantani. Y Marta Fernández, que siempre colabora con Amantaní.

It is Amantani’s seventeenth anniversary.

Third National Adoption Council and no children can leave Amantani.


July 2014

Two brothers, three brothers, four brothers and two babies arrive at Amantani.

Spanish volunteers arrive at Amantani. Thanks so much Ines and Andrea for working so well.

Edwin turns eleven and Laura organizes a beautiful birthday party.

L. Carlota comes to visit us after ten years and and it is very moving. Alejandra, too.
Thank you for making us so happy with your visit.


June 2014





New  children  arrive at Amantani. And some other children can leave  with their families.

A baby with chickenpox  worsens and she is admitted in hospital. She has to stay three weeks.

Javier is leaving us and he is very  happy to go to Madrid  with his parents. He is looking forward to starting his new life.


May 2014

All the children who never had chicken pox  before  get infected. And some of them catch hepatitis A.



Mother’s day  is  very much celebrated in Peru and it is bittersweet for our girls and boys.




I.E.S Miguel de Mañara’s , San José de la Rinconada’s  and Sevilla’s students make and sell their own handicrafts and with the money they earn  they buy nappies for the babies at  Amantani.

We receive the visit of Traycco’s director, Eduard Quintana, . Traycco provides finantial support  to the funding of Casa del Río and it is permanently in contact with their people.   During his visit Eduard Quintana devotes himself to the children and adolescents brimming over with enthusiasm.

The weather begins to turn cold and heavy frosts have been forecast.
The judiciary  has been on strike for more than fourty six days affecting the progress of Fostering research and also to the boys and girls with no parental  care amongst many other children.


New tutors start working in the Family Houses and  they have more support strategies.


April 2014

El 12 de abril de 2011, se celebró el primer Día Internacional de los niños y niñas de la Calle. Según Unicef, en el mundo hay más de 100 millones de niños de la calle, y esta es una cifra que no cambia desde hace más de 20 años. Se considera niño de la calle todo aquel menor de 18 años que vive sin hogar y sin la protección y atención de algún familiar. En América Latina, el continente donde hay más, hay 40 millones. 

We are expecting Eduard Quintana’s visit. He is arriving on the 25t.

Since the beginning of this year eighteen children have entered at Amantani. Three of them are coming for the second time.

Ananaw Wasi managed to get the support needed for Children and babies who require  physical and speech therapy  to have the treatment in the Home.




Marixa has been assigned to Spain with a Spanish family and Javier to Spain with a Spanish- Peruvian famil by the MIMP.

Luz Alexandre is very happy to leave the Home with her parents and her brother  to the USA. Her mother is Peruvian.


March 2014

We  continue refurbishing the houses thanks to MERCEDES ARMENGOU Riera.

It is the beginning of the school year and all the children aged three onwards are attending.  Apoyamos a niños egresados de Amantaní con matrículas y las listas de materiales escolares.



A two day old baby boy son of an adolescent mother, first left at a hospital is brought to the Home by the police;  three days later mother and son are both taken in at Mantay. They also bring an abandoned ten days old baby girl found on the street , a year and a half old  girl found alone , and a four year old boy from Puerto Maldonado wandering on his own.  He is unclaimed.

The police brings us three siblings . Their parents have drinking problems. One of the boys had already  been taken in at Amantani with another brother.

The Tourism Provincial Prosecutor’s Office  gives support to Amantani again providing us the money  obtained by the civil reparations imposed against tourists committing offences . With the money we buy food for the Home. This time  Coreans report a fake robbery   to make a claim on the insurance company.

Through Ananaw Wasi we are given a donation of early stimulation material : swings, trampoline, five-a-side football, table tennis, basketball baskets, punchball and gloves distributed amongst the Houses for all the children to enjoy. They play non-stop.

Jhon Antoni and Flor de María have been allocated to families from Lima and Tacna by the last Family Adoption Council.


February 2014

An abandoned four months’ old baby girl was found in a cardboard box at the door of the Home. An official report is drawn up by the police.


A one-year old baby who was brought in on the 31st of December is collected by his adolescent mother and will live with her in Cristo Vive.

The police bring us: a lost 2-year old who's mother comes to look for him the following day; two brothers of 6 and 1 who's mother (25) is going through a difficult personal and financial situation and who consequently tried to poison herself and the children with rat poison; a 3-month old baby taken away from the grandmother for drunkeness; a two-month old baby also removed as a protective measure, from a drunken mother; y a un niño de 3 años que la policía encuentra solo en su casa subido al tejado.

The children of Amantaní attend holiday courses organised by the municipality and the police.

Manuel y Luz Alexandra are assigned adoptive families in Lima and the USA.

Este año es el de lluvias más intensas de los últimos años. Estamos teniendo problemas severos con los desagues de las casas y otros.


January 2014


We begin the new year with our now traditional fancy dress party.




Pablo is assigned to a family in Arequipa.

Dennis and Jhoseline are able to return to their families after two years.

Our new tutors begin work.

Over Christmas María and Natividad have come from Italy to be with us along with their parents, and to support us in caring for the children and maintaining the houses. WE THANK YOU.

THANKS to everyone who has made it possible that we continue to provide for the children.

In the festive season once again Amantaní-Corca has invited us to their houses where our children will spend eight days.


December 2013


Merry Christmas



Clica foto.


A two year old girl is received because the police have detained the mother. And on 31 December a one year old boy is brought to us due to being left isolated.

For the second year the Teresianas publish of Barcelona publish a calendar for Amantaní.


Four year old Abigail returns to her family. 16 year old Alberto can return to live with his father, and Hilda enters adulthood and becomes independent, sharing accommodation with four other girls who lived in Amantaní.

Darío goes happily with his parents, who organise a party with balloons, a clown and Father Christmas.

On top of the unconquerable slowness in the processes of investigation of potential parents the DGA has added further requirements for adoption. During 2013 only 11 children have been able to join adoptive families. More than 10 in a clear state of parental need they had to spend over a year in Amantaní including Christmas and part of 2014.

From December, in Cusco it will be the DIT (Dirección de Investigación Tutelar), answerable to MIMP, who will administrate the process, and not the courts. This will affect the new admissions.


Qori Chaska y Novotel again celebrate Christmas with the children of Amantaní.


Luis Balius has again organised a supper to show his nativity scene and ask for donations to Amantaní.

IKASTOLA ZANGOZ again organises the Pro Amantaní Market and has sent us the children's drawings. Thank you.




For the second year running in the Christmas market of the Pedralbes Monastery of Barcelona our friends the teresianas set up a stall in support of Amantaní. Thanks to all for your efforts and for ensuring that between all of us Amantaní goes forward.


November 2013

We have received a donation from Fundación MERCEDES ARMENGOU RIERA which has allowed us to make improvements and repairs needed in the houses in order to give better attention to the children. Founded in 2007, the Foundation achieves the desire of Mercedes Armengou Riera to assign funds every year to assist work which benfits childhood. MANY THANKS.


A missing two year old boy enters Amantaní and also a two year old girl is taken away from her inebriated mother; two brothers of four years and five months of age enter Amantaní too, and also two brothers of four and two years of age.

Getting ready for the daily walk.

Birthday party for six children who are still waiting to leave.


The older ones in the Houses really go for it.


October 2013

Eventually Nicola and Franco’s parents arrive  at Amantaní. And shortly Fabian and Dario’s parents too, after waiting for so long. The four of them will be with either Peruvian or mixed adoptive families.

We continue having problems in finding supervisors for the role of substitute mothers for the Family Houses.


September 2013


Andie Reis comes back for two months to help with whatever she is needed for. Thank you.



Training educational social workers, from the Pere Tarres foundation and others, arrive at Amantaní.

Ananaw Wasi keeps on giving support to the children at Amantaní through different institutions.



August 2013

Lucas comes to visit us from Germany, he is the first boy to leave Amantaní with his adoptive family and to return at the age of sixteen. Thanks for making us feel so happy.


A ten day old baby from Pautarcambo, her mother having mental and physical problems, arrives at Amantaní. And a three year old boy too.




Curro Moreno and Marina come over to Cusco to do  volunteer work and they open an Amantaní account on Facebook.


This time, Cesar returns with Silvia and they do a good job with both the children and  the adolescents.


July 2013

Lissi did volunteer work during her first three years at Amantani and then she  worked devotedly  as a physiotherapist , as a mum of the babies and the little ones and as a tutor of the Casa del Rio. She is now returning to Lima. We are so grateful to her for having been where she was needed to be and for giving so much love to the children.  


Through Ananaw Wasi, Pepa Flores Dance Conservatoire and the “ School for Everybody”  Foundation organize a show that will be performed at the Antonio Gala theatre which has been  granted  to them by the Alhaurin el Grande council. The purpose is to provide support teachers for the kids at Amantani  for next school year.  




Álvaro Ortuño Balius, whose family offers Amantani ongoing support, is coming over to work as a volunteer on a full time basis. 




Three brothers   found alone in their home a five months old baby the youngest  of the three enter Amantani ; a premature baby girl of a mother with mental and physical disorders, and two others their mother inebriated; another one is found at a bar on his own.


June 2013

It is very difficult for us to find full- time tutors taking the role of substitute mothers at the Family Houses.

At last we see Miguelito with a family. Like most of the other children now, he will go to Lima.

With the arrival of the European summer  more volunteers  begin to arrive at Amantani.

In the middle of the frost season the temperatures  drop  to one degree below zero. 


A mother suffering from mental disorders has her baby taken away.

Children  at the Residential Homes for Children  will no longer be supervised by  the Women Department nor by the Vulnerable small villages ( MIMP) but by the Regional Government of Cusco. 


May 2013

Labour Day, and of the mommies  at Amantani  who always work during holidays or  festivities.



Four adolescents at Amantani  take the iniciative to gather  together  all  the kids in the houses  in a meeting in honour of the tutor- mommies.


A baby who is delivered by his adolescent mother is taken in at Amantani.

The parents of a girl who lived at Amantani come back to find a little brother for her. This is the second time that this happens to us through DGA- that two kids who have lived at Amantani become siblings.

Amantani’s multidisciplinary team (psychologist,  social worker and  the director) as well as the supervisors of the houses, together with the staff of the Junior Judiciary Rehabilitation Centre, begin a Social Skills and Strategies Training course for Interventions with kids and adolescents.
On the other hand, our kids once again participate in social skills  training  workshops run by the above mentioned Association.


April 2013

Because of the cold weather and  of a virus the  babies  get sick and two of them have to be admitted in hospital . They  recover  by the end of the month.  Kids and babies with no identity paper still don’t have the right to have state medical care. 

Ariana has eventually been able to go to Huánuco from where she came from when she arrived in Cusco  eight years ago and to look for her family.  She is about to turn fourteen and this journey has  made possible for us to locate her mother and her brothers who live in Lima. They have spoken to each other on the phone and shortly they are coming to meet up with her. Thanks so much Begoña for making it possible.


The police bring a baby whose mother is inebriated and two brothers who got lost are found in the central market and they are picked up on the following day ; also another two year old girl  is found all alone near the Mill but nobody has said anything about her as yet.  Also a two year old boy with signs of severe ill treatment was brought by the police.

Oscar Vidal is supporting  us with Dream Gatherers  as they are  painting the façade of the Home for Children that  had not been painted for  so long and it looks like a new house.


It makes us very happy that Mariana and Luis Ángel who lived at Amantaní  come to pay us a visit  all the way  from  Spain and Italy.


March 2013

Forty four kids from Amantani  start at  school and they are all distributed in fourteen different  schools.

A boy was found in the terminal.  He is picked up by his parents on the following day. Also two little brothers who got lost were picked up by their parents who came over to Cusco at Easter.


February 2013

After a fourteen months’ stay at Amantani, Marco Antonio is ordered by court to stay with and to be taken care by his grandmother  in Vrae ; though he has never lived with her before.



January 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you to all the people who help us to carry on.



As usual we dressed up to begin the New Year.

A two year old boy who was found walking along the roads on his own is referred to Amantani.

A baby born in 2013 whose mother died in childbirth (at home) is taken in- at Amantani. A baby referred to PNP arrives at Amantani  and also a year and a half boy whose mother is disabled.

These coming holidays the children are going to Corca for three weeks . They are staying at  Amantani Corca organization who  kindly offered us their boarding facilities. 

We have had no allocations since last August due to the court strike.  Eventually, seven children from  Amantani will be given for adoption to families by DGA.  It will all be either  Peruvian or mixed  Peruvian - Spanish families. One of the boys called Oscar suffering  from cerebral palsy was admitted at San Juan de Dios hospital to receive  intensive therapeutic  treatment.  After being in hospital for eight months, Oscar met a family from Cusco who wanted to be his adoptive family and was eventually adopted when he was two years and two months of age.  It is the best news of the year.      


December 2012

Merry Christmas







A lot of children will spend Christmas at Amantani again.




Javier Echevarria returns to Cusco once again to go on supporting Amantani Residential Home for Children and to organize activities for all of us.


Luis Balius gives a dinner party for the fifth consecutive year to show the Christmas cribs he has made to his friends, inviting them to support Amantaní. Thank you so much.

A baby boy born to a teenager mother is admitted. Another baby girl was also referred to Amantani: she was left behind in a taxi by her inebriated mother who claims her back and picks her up on the following day. A baby boy whose mother was inebriated and a baby girl born to a mentally disturbed mother brought from Puerto Maldonado also arrive at Amantani. A one-year-and-a-half boy is also referred to us.

Ikastola de Sangüesa (Navarra) organized the twelfth solidarity market to support Amantaní. THANK YOU.


Once again NOVOTEL gives a Christmas party for all our youngest kids. And Qori Chaska organizes their traditional party with hot chocalate and presents in Amantaní.


At the end of the year Loreto Santé is leaving her job as a psychologist at Amantaní. She has made huge contributions both as a psychologist and as a person to our work project and to our working approach during five years. Thank you.

We are very grateful for all the photos and for all the news we have received at Christmas from all the children who are no longer at Amantani.


November 2012

November the 20th : Internacional Children’s Day

RENIEC published a resolution which facilitates the Right of Identity for the children sheltered in homes.


Opens a stall at the Christmas Market in Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona to raise funds for Amantani. Thank you.




Two sisters, 4 and 3 years of age respectively, will be able to return with their mother after ten months. This will take place when the Judiciary brings to an end the indefenite strike.

The brothers Jesús and Cristian are all ready for the arrival of a family for them. And six months old Alfonso and two year old Juana too. With the ongoing strike it could be difficult for them to have the possibility of  spending Christmas with their families.


Margot Vera is leaving us after so many years of dedication to children and to babies at Amantani. Thank you for doing it with so much love.



Ananaw Wasi is organizing a drawing competition in the CEIP La Paz, in San José de la Rinconada in Sevilla, and there is 42 children from Amantani participating. The prizes for the winners are on their way.


October 2012

Rosita will see her dream come true, and she is on her right to have a family with three brothers.

Marcela, the tutor of Casa Blanca –together with her husband Hugo until March- for more than four years, has to leave her job, after having given so much love to the children.

Ananaw Wasi administers the support coming from la Rinconada, Sevilla, to provide schooling in private schools to six kids from Amantaní. Thank you.

A girl whose mother is dead and her father alcoholic enters Amantaní.


September 2012


New babies are admitted.



Ivonne Bravo, Social Assistant of Amantaní during ten years, leaves the post. She will remain part of the Cuzco Association CE PROGRESSES AMANTANI. Thank you for all these years of constant dedication to our children.


August 2012

Amantani is fifteen years old and thank you to all those people who have been and are still helping us to help.

They bring us three little brothers as their neighbours called the police because they were left on their own.

Maite, a wonderful eight months baby girl, has already got parents who are from Lima and who are on their way.

Cristian can go with his uncle and aunt after living at Amantaní for nine years. His three brothers remain with us.

The association Pasa la Voz is organizing once again a course for three month babies and adolescents, this time it is a photography course. Photographs taken by the kids. Subject matter : your favourite object and others.

The theatre group Metatese from Galicia comes back and prepares once again a performance with our kids participating. Thank you.


July 2012


Lourdes finishes her ten month voluntary work with us. THANKS so much!



We say goodbye to Demise, our Casa del Río tutor. For almost four years she has been doing wonderful work. Lisi takes over from her.

In Barcelona, the association Amantaní-Bcn is set up which will allow tax relief on contributions to Amantaní. It will also support the development activity in Cusco.

A baby weighing two kilos arrives at Amantaní from hospital.

Boys and girls who lived with us at Amantaní come for a visit us and we are really happy to see them.


June 2012

MIMP starts visiting every CAR in Cusco for the first time to supervise the quality and the conditions of Care and to asses their situation.  A ten per cent of the CAR institutions are run by the State and the rest are private. 


Maite Segú who came to help us full time at the Residential Home for Children last November is now organizing an association called Cusi Wawacha in la Garriga (Barcelona) and is organizing activities in support of Amantaní. Thank you!

Two brothers whose parents are in prison enter Amantani. And also a two year old boy whose parents are alcoholic.

Four brothers can go back with their family. We will follow them up from Amantani.


May 2012


It is Mother’s Day and it is so much celebrated in Peru and in the schools. It can be difficult for some of our kids: “the word mummy is hard for me”, a girl says.


Abraham has been referred to Lima to be examined by specialists and LAN is paying for the tickets.

Paola who is the aunt of a girl who lived in Amantaní, has come over from Belgium to help us out for four months.

Teachers go on strike and the Family Courts.

Currently there are more people in Peru with an identity card than a few years ago which makes it easier when we try to locate the relatives of the children who are never visited and we are now looking for them.

The children who do not have an identity card which is most of the ones who arrive at the residential Home for children are not covered by the all- round State Health Inssurance that does not make an exception with this section of the population like Enrique’s case who has once again been admitted to hospital.


April 2012

12th April: The International Day of the Street Child. 1st of May: International Labour Day.

Finally it is the turn of Julia and Edison - the SNA have asigned them families in Switzerland and Lima.


Anita's mother died at childbirth and her father, with eight children, was advised to leave her in a home due to her Down's Syndrome. Now, after 10 years we found her father, who had been trying to find her.


The theatre group 'Metatese de Galicia' brought us their performance in which the children could participate.


March 2012

We have turned the section for boys and girls who are older than three at Amantaní Residential home for Children into a self-contained family house and it has already been opened, though it is an annex building and a transitory house. Ananaw Wasi has given us their support providing us with some furniture that was needed.


We received a visit by the personnel of TRAYCCO for a week. Their humanitarian team is going to fund, and establish ongoing bonds with, la Casa del Río. THANKS.



The school year begins and we enrol 48 kids, and we give support to some kids who are already day students. Marina’s parents and friends are helping us out by providing us the uniforms.

Daniel is going to have parents from Denmark.

Llega un bebé del Hospital Lorena de días de madre incapacitada. Y hay otros ingresos y reingresos temporales.

For two months we've suffered an outbreak of measles in the Home.

Unos payasos amigos de Lourdes nos regalan una divertida actuación en el Hogar Amantaní.


February 2012

The older children are going on holidays for twenty days to Katañiray where the Almeria Solidarity Association are letting us use their facilities.

The SNA assigns Borja to a Peruvian family, Katy to a family from the United States and Milagros to an Italian Family.

Alicia Josa is coming for two months to help us full time and  in every possible way. THANKS.

The Andes - Switzerland - Peru Popular Workshop Association makes us a donation of furniture from their Garden for Children.


January 2012

We take a four year old girl and her two year old sister who arrive at Amantani with the police with a formal complaint. The neighbours of the little sisters reported that they found the girls locked up in the room where they lived.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 We thank all the people who are helping us to continue.


December 2011



Merry Christmas

Clica en la foto



(con fotos de Elena López y Carmen Echevarría)



More children arrive at the residential home for children to spend Christmas with us.





We thank our Teresianas friends in Barcelona for consistently supporting Amantani residential home for children and now at Christmas for their sales of a calendar.



Novotel comes once again to Amantani residential home for children for Christmas and brings along with them lots of presents and the organization of this beautiful party and we are once again invited to this other party at which one drinks hot chocolate in Qori Chaska and we share presents with our youngest kids.

Daniel is very happy as he is leaving us to go to Lima after having waited for so long. He is going with his parents and his brother to spend the best Christmas in he has ever had in his whole life.
We are informed that Alejandra is going to have a family in North America.

We are very grateful for the news and for the photos we have received for Christmas from the ones who have left us.

Clarita and Helen who are ten and eight years old come to visit us from Sweden and Barcelona. Thanks so much.


November 2011

MIMDES organizes the “First Internacional Congress of Quality of Care in Residental Units”. In the programme there is a Panel of Presentation of “Succesful Experiences of Quality of Care in Residential Units” where three CAR have been invited to give a presentation in which they will explain their own experience. Amantaní is one of them.

*CAR: is the umbrella term for Residential Homes for Children, Care Homes for Children, Respite Care for Children.



Amantaní came third in the Residential Homes for Children competition of Dances which was organized by the INABIF, with the Cholo Qorilazo dance.


Después de diez años logramos ubicar fuera del Cusco a través de la Reniec a familiares de dos adolescentes que no sabían en ambos casos dónde se encontraban su sobrina y su hija.

With Marco’s arrival it is a thousand children taken in Amantaní since it started fourteen years ago. On the following day a three month old baby is also taken in. His mother leaves him at the Ministry.  Y al poco llega una bebé recién nacida encontrada en la vía pública.


Our Sirammamy friends provide with support with their solidarity based market They visit our center.




October 2011

Paola, who arrived at Amantaní when she was a year and a half old with her eight year old sister is turning nine.

PNP takes in children as a temporary protection measure.

Adolfo is leaving us and he is going to Italy with his family, he is so happy. We find out that Omar and Daniel are both going to have parents from Lima.

We want to thank our teresianas friends for their permanent support to Amantaní Residential Home for Children.


September 2011

Luciana is leaving us and she is going to Italy with her parents. She will find hapiness.



August 2011


Alberto’s father appears after his not having seen his son for more than ten years.
Four brothers whose mother is alcoholic arrive at Amantaní.

In August we are counting with the help of many Spanish volunteers.

Wilfred’s parents arrive from Italy and it is for him who has waited for them for so long.


July 2011

Our friends form Ananaw Wasi who have been supporting our children for a long time fix the patio laundry in the family home Casa Blanca because it was needed  urgently. Thank so much !!!


Young parents from Lima come for Maria who feels so happy. And SNA inform us that Noel’s parents are arriving from Italy!


Lourdes and Begoña Echevarría who are always supporting Amantaní are coming over for the first time and they are doing Pedagogical Assesment. Aurora is coming over for the seventh time.
Lourdes Sánchez Monge is coming back to do some voluntary work for a long period of time.


June 2011

The "Pasa la Voz" comes to one of the workshops in which kids in Amantaní are taught and they bring singer-songwriter Pablo Fernández to give the children a small concert and to teach them how to express themselves.

It is the Father’s Day celebration and our children are performing in the schools

Michael's Belgium family is eventually arriving. He is 34 months old and this is what he wants the most.

Sixteen year old Altair was able to return with his brother after his staying in Amantaní for many years. On his own iniciative he gives the older children a moving talk about his personal experience in Amantaní and about the difficulties of life outside so that they can value and enjoy it and take the most out of their present situation.


May 2011

An anniversary party for those kids turning one to three is organized by the childminders.

Joaquín who was newly born when he arrived is now two years old and four months and he can now go with his mother and his little sister.

Luca's parents arrive, they are an Italian young couple and he is filled with love form the very first moment.

Mother's day is a great celebration in Perú. Some of our children participate in the school performances. Three year olds perform " I am your Little Angel".


Two brothers - 10 and 8 years old - return to Amantaní after two years. The case, of children who were placed back in their own families and who have to return to Amantaní, is repeated.


April 2011

12th of April :  International day of "Street Children".

PNP brings us a two year old girl who was found int the street. And a two months old baby who was left in a hostal of the terrestrial Terminal.

For the tenth year running Javier Echevarría comes to Amantaní to support us and to organize creative activities for the children.

Lupita's parents arrive from Arequipa and everthing from the start is beautiful.

Pilarcita goes with her mother and she is happy and also she can share and she can give out her joy and her happiness in the way that she knows.

SNA informs us that Michael has been put into a Belgium family and Lucas to an Italian family.


March 2011

The beginning of the school term is delayed because of the heavy rains.

Yusep and Azumi can return with their mother, who has another son at hospital with leukaemia.

The grandmother and the adolescent mother of a NN baby, who came to us when he was eight months old because he was abandoned, turn up and they request the court to put the child into their care.

Miguel Echevarría and Borja are coming to Amantaní for a month and a half.

February 2011

Nicolás, who was brought to us from Puerto Maldonado in April 2010 because his thirteen year old mother handed him over to the court, is now back with his mother because this is what she requested and it was granted to her. They will continue living in the Santa Marta Home because the mother is a minor.


Beautiful Fátima is very happy to leave and to go with her parents from Italy. And we are informed by the SNA that Mirna's parents are arriving from Italy.


January 2011

Last August the police brings us a seven month old baby who has been abandoned at a hospital where he has received medical treatment for two months. On the following day he is taken to Court and he is ordered to be sent to another Home. He is admitted to hospital again and when he is discharged he is taken into custody because of his delicate condition and then he returns to Amantaní. We do not know who, while he away, gave him the name of Máximo, to him who is tiny. He has left us with no time for good byes and terribly upset for not having known how to help him more. Max, how much we would have wanted him to have waited for his family!

Three year old Efraín joins in Amantaní with his two brothers who were staying at another home. And also Sol and Ángel's sisters are coming from another home to Amantaní so that the four of them can be together.

On the same night the police brings us two pairs of brothers. Two of them go back with their mother.

Fifteen and fourteen year old Ana and Vero will eventually be able to go and live with their sister who will be backed up from Amantaní.


The older kids are going to spend their holidays in Katañiray where the association Almería Solidaria is taking us in.



December 2010

Click the photo

The police brings us two little sisters and a baby. They also bring a seven-month-old fat baby boy who was abandoned in front of a home for girls.

Five children can return to their families. Among them there is Andrés, whose mother died in childbirth and has spent his first fifteen months in Amantaní, and who has gone back now with his father and brothers and sisters to their community, at 4,300 feet. Merry Christmas!

Christmas was amongst kids who enjoy everything so much. And on Christmas eve as usual they all wore disguise.

Christmas was amongst kids who enjoy everything so much. And on Christmas eve as usual they all wore disguise.



Thanks a lot to the parents who bring us such great joy by sending us news and photos of their children! And to all the children who have surprised us coming to visit us this year.


November 2010

The Comisaría de Familia brings us back three brothers who have not been accepted by their nineteen year old mother. And three children with alcoholic parents, two brothers and a three year old girl who returns to Amantaní for the fourth time and whose seven year old brother arrives on the following day. They also bring us two brothers, aged three and one.
The Court orders the admission of an abandoned two month old baby who was in hospital with meningitis and of a baby girl whose 14 year old mother decides to keep her with the support of her family.


Baptism in the Church of San José.



Valentina and Rene leave us very happily with Peruvian families. And the SNA informs us of the arrival of Bernardo´s family which is from Lima.


October 2010


Julia comes to volunteer for almost three months.



The police brings a baby who was found abandoned in a pot in the Via Express and another one who was abandoned in the Plaza San Francisco. They also bring a baby girl who is a few days old whose mother is handicapped and left her in the hospital, and a three-year-old-boy whose mother suffers from mental health problems.

Aydé is leaving us. She is to live with a family from Sevilla who adopted another child from Amantaní in 1999. The three of them are coming to fetch her. Congratulations!


August 2010

It is Amantaní's 13th anniversary on August the 8th and we are all celebrating it by attending a small circus which we are organizing in the neighbourhood.

We are counting on the support of a physiotherapist from Lima.

Aracely is allowed to live with her grandparents, who have asked for her custody at Court. She was separated from her mother when she was incapacitated. Jeferson leaves us to happily go with his parents to Luxembourg, getting all the love he needs. Paolo and Pamela also meet their parents, who arrive on the same day, and they will live in Loreto and Arequipa respectively.

Janeth turns 18 years old and she becomes independent.


July 2010

Santiago happily left with his parents who live in Luxemburg. And Frank's parents and brother will arrive soon from Italy.

A twenty-five-day-old baby from Urubamba has been admitted.

We readmit an 8-month old baby and an 18-month old boy who the police had again removed from their mothers due to drunkenness.


June 2010

Federico's parents arrive from Malaga and love is huge from the moment they meet. And Sebastian and Jefferson have been assigned.

A baby girl born in a truck on the way to Cusco, and two babies born in the hospital, have been brought to us.


May 2010

Gerard has left with his parents from Barcelona, Carla Marleny with her parents and brother from Italy, and Jacob with his parents and sister from Andorra. Everybody organised a farewell party for them.

We have news of the arrival of Santiago's parents, who live in Luxemburg.

Nicol can return with her mother to Puerto Maldonado after being with us for 4 months.

We admit five babies: a child of a mother declared unfit, a baby of an alcoholic mother, a baby of a mentally unstable mother, a Downs Syndrome baby with high-risk complications (child of an abused young Downs Syndrome woman) who is passed on to another centre after 3 days as we're not equipped to care for him. And a baby of an adolescent mother.


April 2010


We have redecorated and improved the activity room. Thank you Aurora and Lules.



Three babies have been admitted: one of four months, whose mother, from Puerto Maldonado, can't cope with the responsibility; one from Cusco whose 14-year-old mother is unfit, and an orphan baby girl of three months.


A group of performers from San Francisco came to Amantaní with their Circo de los Sueños to give us a marvellous show which left the children wide-eyed.



Carmen and Gema, together with Carlos and Antonio, from Malaga and Seville, continue giving support to Amantaní. Their latest fundraiser was a crafts stall at an Altrenative Fair. Thank you!



March 2010


Beginning of schools for all the children above three years old.




Two sisters of 14 and 4 years old have been admitted because their mother is in prison and their father is an alcoholic. And three sisters whose mother died when the River Quitamayo, a tributary of the Vilcanota, broke its banks on 4th March have also come to Amantaní.

And in the last week three baby girls of a few days old have been brought to us.

Nina Bernat, who came to visit us on the 1rst of January, goes on with her commitment of helping the children of Amantaní. Thank you so much for your support!


February 2010

We celebrate a big party for all the children whose first, second and third birthday have been these months.

This month we count with the help of many volunteers. And Aurora comes back.

The students of Centre Jordi of Granollers (Barcelona) declare their solidarity and collect money for the children of Amantani.


January 2010

Two babies are admitted. And two children come back after almost a year. One is born from an alcoholic mother, and the other comes from a destructured family to which is returned after a week.

Livia´s parents arrive from Lima , and there is empathy between them from the first moment. Anthony goes, very happy, with his parents.



One again we welcome the visit of Mike Partridge, who continues giving us support and never forget the children from Amantaní. THANK YOU, PAPI MIKE!



Wilder happily meets his parents from Piure, and they leave us with a very nice party. And we receive the news of the arrival of Livia´s parents from Lima , of Valeria´s parents from Belgic and of Rosalinda and Mariela´s parents from Madrid , who have been waiting for them for so long.

Again ZANGOZAKO IKASTOLA organizes a bazaar to raise money for the children of Amantaní, as they have been doing from 2005. Thank you again.


December 2009

The parents of Natividad y María arrive from Italy, - the children await them joyfully. And they have given us the news that the patents of Wilder of Perú, y los de Antony de Bélgica. Cuántas emociones.



Three babies come to spend Christmas in Amantani.



And for the ninth year running Javier Echevarría comes to Cusco to continue supporting Amantaní and to organise activities for the children.

A campaign, "Solidarity Bracelets", is being organised in Malaga and Seville in Spain to support Amantaní. Thanks to all the participants and the children of Maestro Antonio Rodríguez school in San José de La Rinconada, Seville, for their solidarity.


October 2009

In one week the police bring 4 babies to the home; one premature and abandoned in the hospital, two that were handed in; and another whose mother has died and the father, who has 5 other children, asked for helped to care for the child for the first year. One of them is 4 months old and weighs 2.6kg.


August 2009



Lules and Juan come to support us for four months.



Isabel se va a USA

Ronaldiño is dieing having recently celebrated his 3rd birthday. His mother, who was raped in her community when she was just 14, didn't know how to take care of him and after giving him his name handed him in. As a baby, he got ill very frequently and with 18 months, we took him to Lima where he was diagnosed with pulmonary microlitiases, an illness with no cure except a transplant. It therefore suited him to live at sea level, but we didn't succeed in finding him somewhere to stay and after 8 months he has returned to Amantani without symptoms. Because of his illness he was never adopted. With a flu, which has ended in pneumonia and an advancement of his illness, he leaves us in less than a week. Ronaldiño, how we wish you hadn't gone.


July 2009

Jairo enters the home because his father asked for help in the court due to Jairo's mother's illness. The mother died 2 months ago. With 9 months, Jairo returns to his community with his father and his two brothers.



June 2009


With 20 months, Jhojan has left us.
A son of a disabled teenage mother, he entered the home a year ago.
Last week, he underwent a failed operation.
Everyone that had the joy of sharing his life will never forget his tenderness, his smile and all the happiness that he brought to our lives, a happiness, which will help allieviate the sadness that he leaves.



May 2009

Ignacio is going to Italy with his new very young parents. We wish him the very best.

Last December, Rosemary left the orphanage with her Peruvian adoptive parents only to be later handed back to the National Secretary of Adoptions in Lima, and in turn to an orphanage in Lima. Finally she has a pair of Italian parents. We wish her all the happiness that she deserves.

Ivette celebrates her 15th birthday. She arrived as a six year old.


April 2009

This year, the police have already brought 26 children to Amantani.


March 2009

The authors of the book Cinco Madres, Cinco Historias (Five mothers, five stories) have decided to donate 100% of the writers rights to the children of the orphanage as they bring out a second edition. Thank you Beatriz Galán, Sara Fontacaba, Rosa Hernández, Daniela Kähler and Montse Vilà for thinking, as mothers, of the children who have none.


Lourdes is coming to Cusco to help in the Home for two months. Thank you, Lourdes!

Two 18 year-old mothers decided to recover their children after giving them to the police.



January 2009


Aurora comes back and spends one month and a half with us.

Nine children arrive, four of them babies, the weight of one is 1.79 kg.


After 132 satisfactory adoptions, a 3 years and 8 months old girl has been given back to us by her adoptive parents whom she happily went with last December, because of possible health problems. The girl has proved to be healthy and is now in a home in Lima where she is waiting for other adoptive parents.


December 2008

Javier Echevarría comes for his annual visit to Amantaní. For two weeks he maintains a packed timetable of activities with the children and staff of Amantaní. His stay coincides with the arrival of Carmen, who visited us years ago and who is warmly welcomed.




November 2008

Mario goes, very happy, to Barcelona with his parents.



September 2008



Dussan Loaiza passes the entrance exam for university (aged 7 in this photo).





August 2008

Amantaní celebrates its 11th Anniversary. Pilar Navarro and family celebrate with us.





July 2008

The wonderful Miriam, and the "simpáticos" Sebastián and Sergio are going for adoption. All of them to Lima. We wish for them all the happiness that they have given us.

Carmen Lilian from Spain and Lotte from Holland (9 and ten years old) came back to visit us. It gives us huge satisfaction to see them so grown up, friendly and happy after so many years.


June 2008

Mike and the children in the 'casario'     We inaugurate our 3rd family home

This month we inaugurate our third family home, with the surprise visit of Mike Partridge who has made the house possible. Ten more children will benefit from sharing the house in a family environment.

From the Amantaní home, Rafael and Angel are being adopted (in Italy). We're going to miss them a lot but we wish them all the happiness which has been waiting for them.


May 2008

We open a boarding school in the district of Ccorca

Thanks to Fred Branson, we've opened a boarding school in the district of Ccorca. Set up to benefit the young girls of the mountainous region who previously had to walk for two hours in order to attend their classes, it is housed in a building provided by the community and has been specially renovated for this use. Its capacity is twenty-two beds for the girls from the most distant communities, whom now have somewhere to stay.


April 2008

Isabel se va a USA

Dayana is reunited with her mother after staying ten months in Amantaní. Her mother had left her in the care of another woman in Puerto Maldonado, who, with no sign of the mother, reported the case. On her return to the woman, Dayana's mother started to look for her daughter and is now finally reunited with her in Cusco.



March 2008

Isabel goes to the USA

Monica, who has spent the last four and a half years with Amantaní, is going with her step-sister to Cerro de Pasco.

Isabel is going to the USA. Finally a girl who knows how to give so much love will get the hugs she so greatly deserves.

And the marvelous Gabriela leaves us for Italy.


February 2008

Javier Echevarría with the children AmantaníMariona Echevarría






Javier Echevarría came for his annual visit to Amantaní with his daughter Mariona.

Michael, at 6 years old, goes for adoption with some wonderful Italian parents - we foresee happiness for him.



January 2008

La Policía ingresa a dos primos por supuesto maltrato The police admit two cousins for presumed maltreatment. And they bring us two recently born babies, having removed them from their mother's care.

The police decide to return the two cousins to their mother.


December 2007

Mike Partridge, un gran amigo de Amantaní






Mike Partridge, a great friend and supporter of Amantaní, came to visit us for a week. He has undertaken to help us with the purchase of a house which will become our third Family Home.



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