Las 20 cosas que los niños y niñas adoptados querrían que sus padres adoptivos conocieran

Artículos sobre el cambio de nombre en niños adoptados:

El cambio de nombre

Mi nombre te sabe a hierba


Sobre adopción para los padres:

Video: Esfuerzos de las famlias españolas para.Mantener la cultura de origen

La adopción de niños mayores























Adoption in Perú:

Directorate General of Adoptions



In Peru the State has sole authority to put forward children for adoption.

First, the Family Courts and the Prosecuter’s office will carry out an investigation process or Tutelar Investigation. Following the completion of the investigations the outcome may, if so the case will be referred to the  Directorate–General of Adoptions (DGA) which belongs to the Woman and Vulnerable Populations Department (MIMP).  Then, (DGA) will search for suitable adoptive families.

The following are still in the DGA:

  • Promotion of the priority adoptions- promotion of children, both girls and boys, who are over 9 years of age, adolescents, siblings groups, children with health problems and special needs.
  • Disseminate the culture of adoption at a national level.

Currently most kids are adopted at a national level, with the exception of priority cases, however, adoption rates have fallen in Perú.


CARs  take full  responsability for the care of minors in their charge, they will look for links with the child’s  biological family and they will also periodically issue social, psychological and other reports.




19% per cent of the children from Amantani CAR are given for adoption.

Criterios Amantaní sobre el proceso externamiento 2018







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