A mural reminds us of the spirit of the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations.

La policia acude a la puerta de Amantaní con tres hermanitos

Is the first calling point for the Cusco "Comisaría de Familia".

For children who have the possibility of rehabilitation in their family.

Casa Amantaní, Casa Blanca (2004), Casa Verde (2006) y Casa del Río (2008)











Wawa wasi Poki (2003-2008)

Wawa Wasi Mike














What we do

A provisional home

A provisional family home

Three family homes


In Cusco city we accept girls, boys and adolescents who are either in an unsatisfactory parental situation or at risk of developing social problems as a result of transitory or permanent parental abandonment and neglect. They are referred either by Family Courts or by the Public Prosecutor’s office.

We house girls and boys of ages ranging from 0 to 17.  The splitting up of sibling groups is avoided.
We aim to integrate children with special needs.
We take care of their overall needs: educational, emotional and spiritual, aiming to  provide family atmosphere.

We believe that promotion of family reintegration should be top priority for all CAR, therefore we try to locate the biological families and provide them with the necessary support. Should CAR fail, the Directorate General Adoption (DGA) will find them a family, once the “ Guardianship  Investigation Process” is over.

Children in care are more in need than those who are born in a normal family environment. We aim to provide specialized care, in line with what is currently regarded as good practice.
We can accommodate up to 68 children.

A transitory home: Amantaní

Children are accepted at all times (24 hours a day 365 days a year) and it is the first centre to which the “Family Comissioner” resorts to.

It can house 25 boys and girls of ages ranging from 0 to 48 months, we offer them full care: accommodation, food, early learning, medical attention, safety and affection.

A transitory family house

Since 2012 older boys and girls in the Residential Home for Children have been transferred to an independent Transitory Family House
Long term or permanent stays will be relocated to “family homes”.
We try to provide the children with a family atmosphere and to prevent them from feeling institutionalized during their stay.

Family houses

They are aimed at children who are residing on a long a long term basis. The houses function independently and they are within close proximity. Each of the houses holds ten boys and girls who are taken care by a key worker who has the role of a “surrogate” mother. They can remain in the house until they are eighteen years old.

Our staff team

We are working with local  professionals in order to respect the cultural identity of the area.



1997  Amantaní begins as a Provisional Home in a rented flat in Cusco.

1998  We move into a bigger, more suitable house.

1999  We start to take in breast-feeding, adolescent mothers, in a rented flat next door to our building. This project was later taken on by a different organisation.
•  We extend the premises in order to be able to take in more babies.

2002  We buy some land next to the Amantani­ Home, where we build an annexe.

We are an active member of the Red Semilla Nueva, as we believe in the need of working in coordination with the institutions in Cusco which are devoted to at-risk children and teenagers.

In the course of our work in the home we see the need to:
•  provide the children with more personalized attention;
•  provide means to prevent the social exclusion of mothers, a possible cause of them abandoning their children

2003  The first wawa wasi (nursery) is opene.

2004  We open the second wawa wasi and the first family home is created.

2006   The second family home is opened.

2007  We extend the first wawa wasi and close the second in order to begin working with wawa wasis in the poorer city and rural areas.

2008  We buy a house so as to establish our third family home.

2011 : we are invited to participate in the  “ First International Congress of Quality of Care in Residential Care Centers” as guests speakers on  “ Successful experiences in Residential Care Centers” along with speakers from two other centers.

2012 :  Boys and girls over three years of age are transferred from the main house- at Amantani Residential Home for Children- to a separate and independent family  annex house.

The association to support Amantaní is formalized in Barcelona: Amantaní-BCN.

2017: 20 años.

2018: Amantani-BCN es declarada de Utilidad Pública.


Number of children admitted per year in Amantaní :

2015 71 + 2 re-entry
2016 75 + 7 re-entry
2017 16 + 43 +4 re-entry
2012 64 + 5 re-entry 2018 12 + 19 +1 re-entry
2013 45 + 2 re-entry    

51 + 5 re-entry



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